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Lakewood A14

Martin's A-style guitars are really nice fingerstyle instruments. I'm might be tempted to say "fingerstyle-only", simply because I don't find this guitar to be the sort of instrument you bang on expecting a big, bold sound. But as you can hear in our video on this page, it actually has quite a bit of sound coming out of it.

Lakewood's wider neck is a great fit for fingerstyle playing, but maybe not if you have really small hands. 12-frets always bring with them just a little bit of extra tone from the belly (because of the placement of the bridge), and this model is no exception. The tight waist makes it comfortable to hold, and the build, while not as fancy as the x32 guitars, is still really attractive. In fact, I think that this guitar actually benefits from the lighter satin finish of the x14 series. The light finish gives the guitar a very woody feel when holding it, and it's clear from the open tone, especially in the lows, that the wood is breathing and moving freely.

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