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Larrivee LV-09

The LV-09 listed here features Larrivee's classic body shape, with a Sitka top a really funky set of rosewood for the back and sides. When Larrivee sent me some pictures of the 4 or 5 sets of rosewood they had like this, I placed my order within minutes. I'm a sucker for interesting pieces of wood, I guess (this does mean it costs a little extra, but given the very low prices we already offer on Larrivee, it shouldn't be too bad).

As with all the Larrivee L-body guitars we sell, this boasts impeccable balance, and great, full tone. While the mahogany Larrivees tend to shine in their note fundamentals and brilliance, the rosewood models get a bit richer and meatier, with an extra dose of guts under a pick. This guitar is no exception. If you're looking for a superlative all-rounder that's also nice enough to display on the wall, look no further than this guitar.

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