Long Hollow Leather Deluxe Padded Softy

If you're like me, the last part of your gear you think about is your strap. When I get up onstage, I'm thinking about sound check, tuning, and my songlist, and I just kind of throw on whatever strap is available. But when you're playing for several hours, it becomes painfully evident if you have a lousy guitar strap.

Well, a few years back, Bruce Adolph handed me a Long Hollow Leather strap, and despite its apparently simple design, I immediately noticed it was the most comfortable guitar strap I had ever slung over my shoulder. Also, the wide part of the strap actually reached up and over my shoulder—I'm 6'6", and this is a rarity. Needless to say, I was immediately impressed with these straps, and after several hours with a bass guitar hanging off one, I realized what I had been missing all along. If you're tired of your ratty old nylon strap and are looking for a high-quality, comfortable strap, I cannot recommend these highly enough.

The Deluxe Padded Softy listed here uses the same soft, supple leather as the regular Softy, but it adds a good layer of padding. I actually prefer these to the more expensive Deluxe Padded Premier, if only because of the softness of the leather.

Customer Reviews

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Josh Duke
Functional But Sloppy

Nice, soft leather, and the padding does what it is supposed to do. As for function, it is top notch.

The stitching is extremely sloppy and looks like a strap that was made at 4:59PM on a Friday leading into a long weekend. My $15 suede strap I bought at a big-name music store 10 years ago looks much better. I'm sure there was CNC stitching involved in my mass-produced strap, but it is virtually cosmetically perfect.

For the money, I was expecting better attention to detail. I gave it away to someone still using a cheap nylon strap and won't buy another.

Neil Kirschner
Long Hollow Padded Softy

I have a few of these straps - and they are all my favorites. They are seriously awesome ! Great material and so comfortable for lots of play time.

Kelly Davis
A Great Guitar Strap

The Long Hollow strap I recently purchased from Shoreline is one of the best guitar straps I've ever used. Looks great and is super comfortable. This thing is going to last a very long time!

Josef Breinstampf
Long Hollow Leather Deluxe Padded Softy

What can I say - these are the best straps. I have one on each of my 7 acoustic guitars, they are extremely comfortable and also look great. Superb quality, which will last forever.


High quality comfortable strap. I have a newer Taylor guitar with the massive strap pins and it is able to fit over them comfortably after a couple of uses. Comfortable for long gigs and looks great on my guitar. At this price point the strap is definitely worth your time.

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