Long Hollow Leather Softy

If you're like me, the last part of your gear you think about is your strap. When I get up onstage, I'm thinking about sound check, tuning, and my songlist, and I just kind of throw on whatever strap is available. But when you're playing for several hours, it becomes painfully evident if you have a lousy guitar strap.

Well, a few years back, Bruce Adolph handed me a Long Hollow Leather strap, and despite its apparently simple design, I immediately noticed it was the most comfortable guitar strap I had ever slung over my shoulder. Also, the wide part of the strap actually reached up and over my shoulder—I'm 6'6", and this is a rarity. Needless to say, I was immediately impressed with these straps, and after several hours with a bass guitar hanging off one, I realized what I had been missing all along. If you're tired of your ratty old nylon strap and are looking for a high-quality, comfortable strap, I cannot recommend these highly enough.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Tam
I don't buy any other strap

Very comfortable strap. I use these on all my acoustic guitars and bass guitars. I wouldn't buy any other strap.

John Sobczak
Nice Strap

Well made and comfortable

Roger G
Best strap I have found for the money

Actually, it’s the best no matter the cost. Super soft and comfortable on the shoulder. Will be buying more of these!

Glenn Tepper
I have made sure to equip every one of my guitars and basses with one of these straps.

These straps are the most comfortable and durable and good-looking straps I have ever encountered in (gasp) more than fifty years of playing guitar and bass. You can surely pay more for a "name" strap, but it won't be better than the Longfellow Leather Softy. It doesn't need a lining, or beads, or some embossed advertisement. It is what it is, and that's everything it needs to be to ensure hours on end of comfortable and not-in-the-way playing. Get the picture?

David Harrell
Love this strap!

I rarely used a strap on my acoustics since I play at home 99% of the time. After reading posts on AGF about the advantages of a strap even while sitting, I decided to give it a try. I bought this Long Hollow from Shoreline based on comments on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. This is a great strap. Very soft and supple; it has a good "hand." The wide width is very comfortable and distributes the weight of the guitar evenly. Great value and the folks at Shoreline are the best!

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