LR Baggs Anthem StagePro

The Baggs Anthem systems combine the tried-and-true Baggs Element undersaddle pickup with a revolutionary new microphone. Anyone who has used an onboard mic knows that the inside of a guitar is not exactly the best place for a microphone. It gets woofy in there, and they tend to feed back quite a bit. But there's nothing like a mic for capturing the true acoustic tone of a guitar, so we keep putting mics in our instruments, even if it involves a few compromises in terms of volume, monitoring, etc. Enter the Anthem: It's unlike any mic you've had in your guitar before. It attaches to the bridgeplate, where you'd normally stick an Ibeam or a K&K Pure Mini. The mic is suspended just millimeters above the bridgeplate, so you capture the full acoustic tone of the guitar, with a heavy influence from the top, but with none of the woofiness that comes from sticking the mic right in the middle of the internal airspace. It really is an inventive approach, and the proof, as always, is in the pudding: The tone of this setup is fantastic, and we've had great results with it.

All Anthem systems pair the Anthem mic with the Element, to give you the cut, immediacy, and feedback resistance of an undersaddle. These systems come in several configurations—the standard/full version, the SL, and the onboard system listed here. The SL includes a soundhole-mounted volume control, but no blend controls. The standard version includes soundhole-mounted volume and blend controls as well as a phase switch. The onboard StagePro shown on this page adds even more features, including easy battery access, an onboard chromatic tuner, and a 2-band EQ. I'm not a big fan of cutting a hole in the side of a nice guitar, but if you don't mind the surgery on your instrument, this is a great stage rig to consider.

  • Includes the Tru•Mic and Element undersaddle pickup
  • Full chromatic tuner that is hidden unless in use
  • Master volume control
  • Bass and treble controls for tone shaping on different stages
  • Notch Filter and phase inversion controls for eliminating feedback
  • Easy click-lock battery access

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Miguel Cruz
My Guitar Sounds More Natural

I purchased an amp from Shoreline a few years ago, so when it came time to upgrade my pickup, I went with Shoreline again. The shipping was fast. The Anthem is very impressive. I previously had the Stage Pro Element in my guitar, which only has the under-saddle pickup. I got the Anthem installed last week. I plugged it into my amp, and I was amazed at the results. When I dialed it to the under-saddle pickup, it sounded good, like my Element did. But when I dialed it to the microphone, it sounded so much more natural. My eleven-year old daughter who plays cello with me on the worship team said, "What happened? It's not coming out of the amp anymore." That's how natural the sound was – it just sounded like my guitar was playing and not the amp. As I played around with the mix, I actually found my preference is to dial in a tiny bit of the piezo mic. It gives a touch of bright overtones. I think depending on what I'm playing, I'll either keep it like that (for chord playing and upbeat finger style) or dial it all the way to the microphone (for mellower finger style songs). I'm very happy with this pickup system.

William Leddon
Awesome Pickup, Best Customer Service

I've been researching pickups for a while so I knew what I was getting with this purchase. I installed this into my Breedlove Atlas (Sitka Spruce Top, Rosewood Body) and it does sound great with a lots of control to contour your sound. I could have purchased this pickup anywhere but Shoreline Music was the only one to have it in stock and be able to get it to me in 2 days from Southeast Colorado to Maryland.

This was a first time visit to Shoreline Music and it was not only one of the best purchasing experiences I've had with the great customer service and personalized over the phone order process and special shipping arrangements, but it led me to several other great finds such as John Pearse strings. When I found that Shoreline puts John Pearse on all their guitars I searched for a YouTube video comparing them to other strings. Here I stumbled upon a comparison by Joseph Lyle (Classical Guitarist) comparing them to d'addario strings. This video was a great find in itself,(link: The John Pearse strings have now ended my (strings tone chase) for both my Breedlove and Martin guitars. Just like with the pickup I purchased here at Shoreline, I can get the strings just about anywhere, but with the great experience I've had with Shoreline Music, this is where I'll be making my purchase of my strings from now on. Just like how these strings make my guitar sound the way I always thought an acoustic guitar should sound, Shoreline Musics's customer service is the way businesses should do business. Thanks John...!!!

Amu Ramappa
Great Sounding Pickup

I was a bit weary in installing this StagePro Anthem on my old Fender acoustic guitar. The cutout had to be made a bit wider to accommodate the preamp. But once installed the sound was crisp and clear! Love having the onboard tuner as I could quicky check the tuning in between songs after changing the strings.

Craig Mckenzie
Awesome product, Awesome Service!

I recently bought stage pro Anthem from Shoreline Music. The web site was super easy to use, shipping to New Zealand arrived it arrived within a week, tracking the item was only one click away.
It was a stress free process.
The team at Shoreline were friendly and the vibe of the company is fun. Will definitely buy some more goodies from them!

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