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LR Baggs Radius-M

If you've ever been to the LR Baggs booth at a NAMM show (that's the music industry trade show), you have undoubtedly seen Bo Radis, the manager of Baggs' pickup production, with a guitar in hand, showing off the latest pickup—not to mention some killer guitar work. Well, his pickup design for the Radius-M, is sure to bring even more crowds to the Baggs booth at the next show (note, too, that "Radius" is a lot like "Radis"). The Radius works on a principle we first saw years ago in PUTW's innovative soundhole pickup: It's a thin film sensor suspended between magnets. The film sensor gives the pickup the dynamics and accurate acoustic response you expect from a good soundboard pickup. But it also protects it from some of the liabilities of typical soundboard pickups, such as sensitivity to placement (the Radius can tolerate any number of placements) and weak signal (the Radius, like K&K's soundboard pickups, can be plugged straight into an amp). And, of course, it comes with Baggs' legendary performance and reliability. The pickup can be mounted to the outside surface of your mandolin with a removable, non-destructive adhesive, or to the inside with VHB adhesive. The package includes adhesive, a 1/4" stereo jack and a side mount jack holder to enable internal or external mounting.
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