Martin SP Flex Core Acoustic Guitar Strings

When Martin first introduced their "Fingerstyle" strings years ago, I thought they were a welcome addition to anyone's string arsenal. The Flex Core strings listed here are the current generation, and they're worth a try whether you're a beginner or an old pro. With a thinner, more flexible core, they're designed to make fingering easier (hence their early designation as a fingerstyle string), but without sacrificing tone. I don't think they work as well for lots of heavy strumming, but if you're mostly playing with your fingers, you might appreciate a little less hand fatigue at the end of a 2-hour set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zach Largey
Go Martin

Just put these Martin Flex Cores on my Lowden and I love how balanced they sound. This is my first time using something from Martin other than Lifespans, so I'm interested in how long they'll last, but they sound great--balanced, warm, clear.

Sean Quidgeon

Totally awesome strings. If Tommy E. uses them, I thought I would give them a try on my Olson. These strings sing and perfect for the fingerstyle player.

Brian McArdle
Going Back to John Pearse Strings

I usually purchase John Pearse phosphor bronze slightly light strings from Shoreline. They were out of stock so I went for the Martin Flexible Core because they were supposed to be good for fingerpicking.

So far I'm not impressed. I've used other Martin strings in the past and they were very good strings. (I have a Martin guitar.) The tone of the Flexible Core set seems to be uneven from the bass and treble strings. The strings are not any easier on my fingers. As such, I'm going back to John Pearse strings. They are the best strings for my taste, fingers and guitar.

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