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Martin SP Lifespan Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

I was a huge fan of the original Martin Lifespan strings—they used Cleartone coating, which to my ears and fingers was, at the time, as close as you could get to uncoated. Plus, they boasted the same durability and sparkle you got in uncoated Martins. So, to be honest, I was a little hesitant when Martin dumped Cleartone for their own in-house formulation. But that hesitation was totally unwarranted; in fact, I think the newest version of these strings is the best yet.

If you've been reluctant to give coated strings a go after years of playing regular uncoated strings, give these Martins a spin. You'll be surprised how much you like them. Then you can join our growing list of customers who will only play Martin Lifespans. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sung Kwak S.K. Sung K.
Great strings

I love this strings and already put them into other 3 guitars..

already ordered few more from John and Shoreline music

Hendrik Genade H.G. Hendrik G.
Great strings!

Hi John I'm finally in a position to review the Martin SP Lifespan strings I bought from you a while ago. Buying any unknown product online (from South Africa) is always a risk, but let me tell you - Martin hit it spot on with these strings. They are as responsive as non-coated strings, with unparalleled tone. The coating is applied in such a way that by feel the strings could easily be mistaken for non-coated variety. The great tone I've come to expect from Martin SP's is very imminent and the warm colouring of the Phosphor Bronze wrapping are very noticeable. These strings are the real deal for purists, and the price as fair as ever from Shoreline - great product, great dealer, I'm a fan - always! Thank you :-)

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