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Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin Strings, like most of the strings we carry, sound great. Most varieties sound as good as—or even better than—D'Addarios, the industry standard for great string tone. But what sets them apart from all the other good-sounding strings out there is this: They simply don't break. Martin gives a technical explanation of this on their website, and there's a reference somewhere to lots of research and collaboration with specialty steel producers. But the real test is on stage. And whenever I run across a worship leader or other stage player who used to break a lot of strings, they now swear by Martins. And the endorsement of actual working musicians is always worth a lot more in my eyes than celebrity endorsements.

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Largey Z.L. Zachary L.
Good value.

If you don't have acid hands, like I do, these are fantastic strings. They provide that more woody, more Martinesque tone that compelled me to buy my Martin in the first place. Unfortunately, they don't last me as long as most strings, and certainly not as long as Lifespans.

ralph leis r.l. ralph l.
My Fav

For my Larrivee and Taylor I use nothing but these strings
great tone and the do last!

Daniel Kim D.K. Daniel K.
All around good strings

Compared to the strings I used to buy. These Martin Strings are in every way superior. It feels nice, sounds clear, and look great! Because they are thin strings, it will sound bright but it still sounds solid. Great purchase for the cheap price.

Kent Jaffrey K.J. Kent J.
They don't break

Aside from sounding great the thing I love most about the Martin SP strings is that they don't break. They have never left me stranded in the middle of a set

Bill Siopes B.S. Bill S.
New customer - long time player

I've used Martin SP phosphor bronze strings exclusively for years on my Martin D40, Guild D44M, Guild JF65-12, Breedlove American OM/SRe-H and Larrivee OM-3 for years. They feel great, last long and bring out each instrument's true voice. Fantastic for live or studio performance.

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