Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin Strings, like most of the strings we carry, sound great. Most varieties sound as good as—or even better than—D'Addarios, the industry standard for great string tone. But what sets them apart from all the other good-sounding strings out there is this: They simply don't break. Martin gives a technical explanation of this on their website, and there's a reference somewhere to lots of research and collaboration with specialty steel producers. But the real test is on stage. And whenever I run across a worship leader or other stage player who used to break a lot of strings, they now swear by Martins. And the endorsement of actual working musicians is always worth a lot more in my eyes than celebrity endorsements.

Customer Reviews

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Woody Adams
Great strings, always great service

I still own an old Shoreline music shirt. I wear it to work even though I know it’s past its prime. 😀 I recently bought a pack of the Martin SP PB lights. I am typically more of a D‘Addario EJ16 fan, but now and again I go back to Martins. I like that their light gauge string has a .54 bottom E and a .25 G string. It gives a little more power when strumming and the bass notes a touch more low end. I also like the feel of the SP strings on my fingers. Really easy. I would note the D’Addarios and certainly John Pearse PB 12s (lights) have more crispness and project brighter than the Martins. But my old Guild does like the mellowed tones of the martins. My ears too. And for $5.45/pack, and they never break, well, it’s a good string to have in the mix. And even though I buy single packs, knowing that John’s ideal business plan would be better served by ordering bulk strings, yet he is willing to ship out for free single packs. I mean, that is a lot of grace there. I appreciate that humility and caring approach shoreline continues to walk out. I am sure you all do too. Thanks!

Ted Rifkin
A Devoted Martin User

I have been using Martin strings since 1968. Their quality is consistent and it is what they use at the factory. What more could I ask for?

David Reynolds
Just the sound I want

For years I’ve been a faithful John Pearse phospher bronze user. Last fall I bought a Martin D-15 Streetmaster. It’s my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned (I’ve owned two other Martins over the years...always used John Pearse on them). Anyway, I absolutely love the tone of my Streetmaster, so I thought “wow, just think how it will be even better when I string it up with some John Pearse”, which eventually I did. I was disappointed! On the Streetmaster they didn’t sound as good as the Martin SP’s that came on it. They were too bright. Maybe it’s that the D-15 Streetmaster is an all mahogany guitar, which is so warm and balanced, but whatever it is the Martin SP’s give just the sound I want. Needless to say, I’ve switched back to the Martin SP phospher bronze!

Robert Stevenson
Fast service.

I've used Martin PB strings on both of my guitars for years, love the sound not to mention the price!

Bill Jackson
First Time Marin SP Phosphur Bronze Acoustic User...

My recently acquired D18 (2013) came strung with Martin Acoustic SP's (54-12) - it had been set up for this gauge. On my D28 I use Monel's (56-13) and love those. Anyway, after playing the D18, I fell in love with the SP strings. People talk about the fact that they don't break! - what I like about them is how they feel and their sound. The 54-12 gauge is really interesting, sitting between the Medium and Light gauge of most manufacturers. I'm going to sit on these for a while and see how the story develops. So far I love them!!

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