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Northwood M70-OOO

Sometimes I feel like John McQuarrie's OOO guitars are kind of a stealth product around here—his MJs get all the press (and for good reason), while a steady parade of custom OOOs come in and out of the shop without getting videos or official listings. So, to make sure that oversight was remedied, I finally got around to ordering one to hang on the wall.

And what a guitar! In some ways, this is like playing a slightly smaller version of our top-selling mahogany MJ; it really is very similar. But this smaller body seems to brighten up the whole sonic profile just a bit, adding some really sweet ring in the upper mids and highs, making this a truly great all-rounder. Throw in that great Northwood neck and an understated, woody aesthetic, and you have a killer guitar. I recommend it without reservation.

  • 14-fret OOO body
  • Engelmann Spruce top over Mahogany back and sides
  • No onboard electronics
  • Includes Hiscox hardshell case
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