Northwood R80-MJV

  • As you know if you've read my prior descriptions of the Northwood rosewood Mini-Jumbo (or watched my video review from a few years back), I'm a huge fan. I've been selling these for years, and they have a real knack for finding happy homes. Is it the rich, resonant responsiveness? Is it the playable neck? The great sustain and dynamic range? Whatever it is, this is both a store favorite and a customer favorite.

    But I always have a slightly sentimental attachment to the cutaway version of this guitar, since a Northwood exactly like this one was my main guitar for about 6 years. Out of all the guitars that crossed the threshold of Shoreline Music 16 years ago, that Northwood Mini-Jumbo was the one that sang to me. I no longer own it, so I'm always stoked to get another one just like it in the shop.

  • • Back and Sides:  East Indian Rosewood
    • Top:  Engelmann Spruce
    • Nut and Saddle: Bone
    • Scale length:  25 1/2"
    • Nut width: 1 3/4"
    • Lower Bout:  16 1/4"
    • Upper Bout:  11 11/16"
    • Waist:  9.5"
    • Tailblock Depth: 4 11/16"

    Ships with Hiscox LiteFlite 5-latch case

  • Every US order is shipped free. It does not matter the size, weight, or value of the shipment. It all ships free to any US ZIP code. This includes Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and territories like Guam and Puerto Rico.

    If you choose not to keep this guitar for any reason, we will pay for you to ship it back to us. For more details, visit our Shipping and Returns page.

    Please note that we cannot ship rosewood guitars to overseas addresses.

Customer Reviews

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William Leddon
"The Evasive Tone"

I've owned and played countless guitars over my 50+ years of playing and chasing tone. Finally it's over with my purchase of what John accurately calls a primo guitar. You typically can't find this guitar in any music store to preview. Thanks to John's video, I was able to get a taste of what the M-80 sounded like. When John plucks down the open strings to the low E, that was all I needed to hear. Of course I was wondering if the guitar I ordered would sound the way I heard it in the video. Truthfully I must say it wasn't, IT WAS MUCH BETTER...!!! I play mostly accompaniment more so than chords, and every note is clear, well rounded and sustaining. When you do strike a chord, each note stands to attention with clarity within the chord. John suggested and put a set of John Pearse light strings on the guitar when he shipped it to me. I played that for a while and then changed to the New Mediums. Well, John made the right call once again, the lights I believe sound better. Purchasing any instrument online can be a scary endeavor, but there is a level of confidence that I have come to experience each time I work with John here at Shoreline. Thanks John and Thanks Northwood...!!!

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