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Planet Waves American Stage Cables

While most of our focus is on our top of the line cables from Zaolla, I realize that sometimes you just need an inexpensive cable. While I still long for the good old days of the remarkable Kordex Cables, I think these Planet Waves cables are rugged enough for heavy stage use, and good for just about anything you need to plug your instrument into.

Part of the reason I find myself offering Planet Waves cables again is the improvements they've made in the connectors. Neutrik is manufacturing them for D'Addario, and Planet Waves boasts that their new "GEOTIP" connection will plug firmly into any instrument, pedal, or amp. That remains to be seen, but I do appreciate the renewed commitment to stage-ready cables, and for $20-$30 or so, it's easy for me to recommend them. This recommendation is made even easier by the fact that these sound noticeably better than the last few incarnations of Planet Waves cables.

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