Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

The NS Micro offers improved accuracy, faster response, expanded calibration range, visual metronome mode and an improved ratchet design. A highly sensitive piezo transducer and easy to read multi-color backlit display allow smooth and highly accurate tuning in noisy, dim or well-lit environments while the micro design and reversible screen allow the tuner to hide effortlessly behind or mount on the front side of the headstock allowing the tuner to remain clamped to the instrument inside most cases when stored. A 360 degree swivel mechanism and adjustable padded clamp, offers optimal viewing angles and maximum positioning flexibility.

  • Built-in piezo transducer picks up instrument’s vibration rather than sound
  • Improved software for faster response and improved accuracy
  • Tri-color reversible backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments while allowing mounting in front or behind headstock
  • Wide calibration range (410Hz to 480Hz) and visual metronome
  • Compact design blends into the aesthetics of instrument while adding considerably less weight than other headstock tuners
  • Tunes acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kris Brauninger
Good tuner - fits anywhere

Small, super-light. Got 2 and fit one onto my Strat and Les Paul headstocks each. They track the notes quite well. The readout is small but nice & visible and changes color for flat/in-tune/sharp. One con is that the readout is upside down on the back side of the tuning pegs where I want it - not a deal breaker. Also the batteries are pricey so we'll see how long they last. This frees up a space on my pedal board where I had my ancient tuner. So far a nice solution. I'm pretty pleased with it. The extra features look cool.

Terry Oyama

I admit, I have a TC Electronics Polytune2 on my pedal board, as well as a Peterson clip on tuner. But I wanted some small, inexpensive tuners to use with my guitars that never make it out to a gig. After reading reviews about the NS Micro, I took the plunge and ordered two of the double pack, four NS Tuners all together.

I am beyond impressed by the accuracy of these little guys! This thing is as accurate as the Polytune2 and the Peterson! But with it's portability and tiny size, I can have all my guitars in tune! The controls are easy to work, and the screen is small but very easy to read.

I will not hesitate to buy more of these when I need more tuners for my other guitars!

Thanks John and the crew at Shoreline Music!

Great little tuner - One for each guitar

I bought four of these little gems. They are quite small an fit invisibly on the head stock - seriously different than the bright blue tuners that rhyme with Shark. The only downside is due to the low profile and being positioned with the LED readout on the back of the headstock, sometimes you have to gyrate your tuning hand out of the way to see the readout. No big deal. Tuning accuracy and vernier of tuning cents seems better than other tuners I have owned.

Al from Boston
Prompt Delivery, Great Products....

Awesome little tuners that arrived quickly and well packaged. I'm glad I discovered Shoreline! Prompt courtesy service with great communication. Thank you for a great shopping experience!

Thomas LoPresti
Nice shopping here... great mini-tuners.

Picked up a pair of mini-tuners that are just right... in size... and in accuracy... and delivery was prompt.

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