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Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner

The NS Micro offers improved accuracy, faster response, expanded calibration range, visual metronome mode and an improved ratchet design. A highly sensitive piezo transducer and easy to read multi-color backlit display allow smooth and highly accurate tuning in noisy, dim or well-lit environments while the micro design and reversible screen allow the tuner to hide effortlessly behind or mount on the front side of the headstock allowing the tuner to remain clamped to the instrument inside most cases when stored. A 360 degree swivel mechanism and adjustable padded clamp, offers optimal viewing angles and maximum positioning flexibility.

  • Built-in piezo transducer picks up instrument’s vibration rather than sound
  • Improved software for faster response and improved accuracy
  • Tri-color reversible backlit LCD screen makes it easy to tune in dark environments while allowing mounting in front or behind headstock
  • Wide calibration range (410Hz to 480Hz) and visual metronome
  • Compact design blends into the aesthetics of instrument while adding considerably less weight than other headstock tuners
  • Tunes acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and other stringed instruments

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Sassa R.S. Robert S.

bought the dual pack for both axes. Really like them so far. Sensitive and clean. Also like the metronome feature.

Larry Murante L.M. Larry M.
Nice tuner for the money, but....

I bought this tuner because I like the idea of having a tuner on your headstock that you can barely see. How cool is that? I've been using a Snark which I liked, but you know...you can see it when it's clipped onto your headstock. I use a lot of open tunings and capos when I perform so I frequently tune between songs. After being used to the Snark for several years, I noticed that the Micro Tuner was just not as sensitive as the Snark. The other feature that I like about the Snark is it is "instant on" when you hit the power button. The Micro Tuner needs to be held in for a a second, or two. When I'm rush tuning in between songs, or need to banter while I tune, that few seconds slows things down. Along with the sensitivity issue, I'd prefer the Snark. One can't have enough tuners though, so get a Snark AND a Micro Tuner just for variety :)

Rick Berry R.B. Rick B.
Cool little tuner

Yep, nice little tuner! I don't have a pedal tuner, and this thing is so handy right there on the headstock! And for the price it's a no brainer.

Ronald Spear R.S. Ronald S.
The little tuner that rocks

Great tuner for a great price..I have one for each of my guitars, (6). Love the invisibility and ease of use!!

Olen Ellis O.E. Olen E.
Almost invisible

This is a handy little tuner that weighs virtually nothing and when mounted behind the headstock is almost invisible from the front side. One useful feature is the ability of the image on the screen to be rotated 180 degrees, with the push of a button. If you're mounting the tuner behind the headstock it makes for easy reading of the screen image, instead of having to read it upside down.
The Shoreline price makes is easy to buy several of 'em. I've got one permanently attached to the 12-string. Also, the replacement battery is not hard to find if you go to any hardware store (size 2032 I believe) I highly recommend you buy a pair of these tuners.

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