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Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ Pre

When the industry-leading Raven Labs Pro Master Blender ended production a few years back, I kept hoping several of the big guitar electronics manufacturers would step in to fill the gap. One such replacement was the Highlander PAMDI, but that is no longer in production. Another was the very excellent DTAR Solstice, which of course we carry. But while that is a great piece of gear, I've been hoping for a good rival to show up to make things interesting. And it has: The Radial Engineering / Tonebone PZ Pre.

With a ground lift, tuner send, effects loop, robust EQ and notching, boost and mute footswitches, as well as Radial's legendary uncolored, clean sound and stage-ready construction, it's hard to imagine a more feature-packed blender. It's even more amazing that this rings in at only $299. If you have two pickups to blend—and even if you don't—I recommend this without reservation. However, if you're looking for a more compact stage DI for a single instrument, it's also worth checking out Radial's  PZ Deluxe.

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