Schertler JAM

  • Sometime last year, the folks at Schertler began drinking a lot more coffee. That's the only explanation I have for the parade of amp updates they've rolled out recently. The latest is the JAM you see here. This amp takes all that you've loved about the Jam 150 (our bestselling Schertler model by far), and piles on the improvements:  Expanded frequency response. 50 more watts of headroom. More inputs. More outputs. More compact dimensions. The list goes on.

    If you've been looking at a great amp under $1000 with flat, punchy, responsive tone, look no further than this new JAM. And don't forget to grab the JAM Gigbag to go along with it.

  • • Weight: 12.2 kg
    • Dimensions: 32.4 x 29.7 x 38cm
    • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
    • Speakers: 1” dome tweeter, 8” woofer
    • Channels: 5 independent channels
    • Impedance-sensing instrument inputs
    • 200W (150+50) bi-amped power
  • Every US order is shipped free. It does not matter the size, weight, or value of the shipment. It all ships free to any US ZIP code. This includes Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO and territories like Guam and Puerto Rico.

    If you choose not to keep this amp for any reason, we will pay for you to ship it back to us. For more details, visit our Shipping and Returns page.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danny Gonzales
Schertler Jam 200 anthracite

Until this, my main rig was a Fishman LBX artist and a Jam 100 as ext.
I sometimes use a Genz Benz Compak 300 8” + its ext cab.
I play a 00 Nick Lucas w/ a Baggs M80 and sing (EV dyn ND mic).

My new Jam 200 was main and Fishman as the ext for this review.

The Jam 200’s powerful, solid bass spoke first. This could serve as a full bass amp with ease. I noticed a huge difference in the power of its pre section as compared w my Jam 100 (Direct, no ext cab on either).

The Jam 100 has a plainly polite pre section that gives you one sound you can ‘flavor’ thru eq and reverb. The control extremes make little difference to the pretty, yet flat sound.

The Jam 200 is a whole different animal. Its controls move the character of your guitar to far different places.
I was very impressed with its ability to phatten up the guitar when i needed it big sounding, after having a very delicate, Liquid smooth sound, just before.
The Loudbox artist is excellent but sounds a little bit brittle when you push the trebles, to match, taking away the ‘glass smooth’ part the Jam200 just does.

I woukd like to have a tweeter level control on the Jam200, instead of a‘warm’ button.
This combo rig (Jam 200 LBX Artist as ext), vs. the previous, sounded much bigger+powerful.

Standing outside the fromt of the club, a friend playing through an open window, sounded much more present and articulate. Lyrics were crisp, unlike before and I could hear a bigger, full range sound at that position, at levels close to the same as before.
Very impressive amp.

I tried it through my 300w pure sine inverter/12v 40ah lithium battery combo earlier in the day and noticed that the pre and amp are both running class A. While the Loudbox Artist lasts around 12 hours through this, I got 3 hours 20 minutes with the Schertler 200. The Jam 100 lasts as long as the Loudbox Artist. Given that, id say that the Jam 200 is not the best choice for street performance though it certainly sounded g...

Schertler Jam 200

I was looking for a compact yet powerful acoustic amplifier. The Schertler Jam 200 isn't the lightest option (26 lbs), but it's sound quality coupled with the abundant features makes it the best one I've researched. It's has more than enough power to fill a small worship hall. The multiple channels offer great flexibility; it's basically a top notch acoustic amp with it's own PA system. I use it for classical guitar and also electric. The acoustic amp characteristics make it great for amp modeling (for the electric). If need more power, then you're probably playing somewhere with a house PA; the Jam has a direct out to cover that (then you have your own stage monitor!). Definitely recommend this amp!!!

Philip Morris
Perfect Acoustic Transparency

I play mostly Santa Cruz guitars with K&K Pure Mini P/U installed. The Schertler Jam is the best sounding amp I've played. The richness of the lows through the mids (love the parametric mids) into the highs, it achieves what I most wanted, to sound like my guitar, only louder. I tried my Larrivee PV-09 with a Highlander P/U and also my old Taylor 514ce with the old Fishman blender. All sounded perfect with very little EQ adjustment. After acoustic transparency, the ability to adapt automatically to the impedance of the p/u was one of the reasons I liked this amplifier. And, if the great sound wasn't enough, it comes in a very classy looking package. I highly recommend the Schertler Jam amplifier to those who want a pure acoustic amplifier with little hassle. Amazing amp.

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