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Schertler Jam 100

The Jam series of amps do what so few amps can do effectively:  They give you rock-solid, balanced and uncolored tone. I'll admit that this kind of tone isn't cheap, but with 80 watts of headroom in a (mostly) portable amp, I believe it's worth every penny. My only knock against the Jams is their weight—the 150 watt version is nearly 30 lbs—but the Jam 100 listed here is a bit more manageable at 24 lbs. I think for most players, that's a small price to pay for unbeatable tone, especially given the attractive $599 price tag of this amp.

  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Size: 27 x 36 x 29cm 
  • Frequency Response: 80 Hz to 18 kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Power: 100 watts biamplified
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