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Shubb Deluxe Guitar Capo

The Shubb Deluxe Capo listed here was revolutionary when it was introduced, and is still our best-selling capo by a huge margin. Now that the standard Shubb capo also features a similar roller geometry, the primary difference between them is that the Deluxe features a stainless steel finish instead of nickel plating.

Customer Reviews

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David Harrell D.H. David H.
Great capo, exceptional service!

This is my first Shubb capo. I read the threads on Acoustic Guitar Forum and decided to try one. I'm glad I did! This is the best capo I've used. Adjustable tension makes it easy to fine tune for each guitar. The intonation is not affected with proper adjustment of the Shubb. I plan on getting another so I can keep one in each guitar case. Super happy with the product and, as always, the exceptional customer service from Shoreline.

tom blegen t.b. tom b.
great capo

Best I've found for a 12 string. Gets all the strings in contact with the fret without buzzing and without pulling it out of tune.

Great Capo, great service

I think the Shubb Deluxe might be my favorite capo. I own a variety of capos and seem to put Shubb Deluxe in most of my guitar cases. I think my Elliott capos might be just a bit nicer, but at 5 times the cost, you pay a lot for a marginal improvement. The Shubb is very well made and very easy to use. It is way better than the "clothes pin" style capos that knock your guitar out of tune. Shubb keeps my guitar in tune. As always, Shoreline provides terrific service too and a great price.

Gordon G. Gordon
Shubb Deluxe

I'd be hard pressed to recall when it was that I purchased my first Shubb capo, and it's likely that I still have the first one I purchased. That's one of the reasons I like them so much -- a simple, functional design and built to last. There's really nothing to break on a Shubb. You might need to change the sleeve after years of use, but that's about it. As mentioned in another review, once you know how to adjust them correctly, they work perfectly. Again, as one other reviewer mentioned, I, too, usually carry or have the G7 or a Shubb in the case or near by. A great capo at a great price equals a great value.

Olen Ellis O.E. Olen E.
top quality capo

I've been very happy with these capos - I own a couple of 'em. The 12-string version works quite well on my 555, as it doesn't sharpen any of the strings and when adjusted properly doesn't deaden the tone on the 12th string. This capo, along with the G7th is one that I always take with me in my case. The price is another selling point - great value, especially if one buys from Shoreline out-of-state.
I highly recommend this capo.

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