Sunrise S-1 LW/J

Sunrise Pickups are handbuilt by Jim Kaufman in limited numbers, but this allows the finest attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each pickup has individually adjustable pole pieces to give you maximum control over string balance and tone. They also come with a transferable lifetime guarantee—no doubt because of their remarkably sturdy construction and high-quality internal components. Jim also builds preamp/buffer boxes to accompany the pickups. We strongly recommend using these even if you already have some sort of outboard preamp you're using.

All Sunrise pickup models start with the exact same award-winning pickup; the only difference between the different versions is the length and design of the connections. The Longwire/Jack version of the regular Sunrise S-1 includes a 24" connecting wire attached to the pickup, and this lead terminates in a 1/4" female jack for plugging in a regular guitar cord. This allows you to install the pickup without having to wire it to an internal jack. This is perfect if you're looking for a way to switch the pickup between guitars, or if you just don't want to drill a hole in your tailblock for a regular jack. To be honest, I normally recommend going with an internal installation of this pickup, ideally the S2. I've played many hours onstage with the lead for a soundhole pickup dangling out the front of my guitar, and found it a bit awkward (my strumming hand kept hitting it). But, if you really, really don't want to drill a hole in your tailblock, then this model is probably the way to go.

Customer Reviews

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Just what I’ve been looking for.

dean sharp
as always...

i’ve owned sunrise pups for all my acoustics for upwards of 15 years now...occasionally i digress into other pup realms like i did with my 1952 gibson j50, but as it turns out, i STILL returned to a sunrise to accomplish the task!
shoreline was amazingly present: price, availability, quick turn around👍 they were the perfect dealers!!!

Prefer the Sunrise tone - Shoreline is great, as always!

Sunrise #2 - the long wire will afford some experimentation among different guitars before internal mounting is determined. Appreciate the Sunrise system (pickup/preamp) more and more over time. Prefer the tone now over others. YMMV, but I believe this suits my needs best. Thanks!

albert parrish
Very Good -- For a sounhole pickup

I play solo fingerstyle easy listening arrangements of popular songs. I use a blue chip thumb pick and acrylic nails and have a light touch. I play weekly in the dining area of a prime rib restaurant/bar with sound reaching throughout. I obtain excellent, and I mean excellent, amplified sound using a 2007-8 Martin 000-18 Std. Series, Martin MSP 7100 strings, the passive Martin Thinline pickup that came with the guitar, and either of the following sound chains: 1. Mogami Platinum cable directly to an AER acoustacube III on the piezo setting (with colour and mild midrange attenuation) into TRS mogami gold cables into QSC K-10s; or 2. Mogami Platinum cable into a Baggs PADI (Substantial midrange attenuation) into a mogami gold 1/4 inch cable into a Fender Acoustasonic Ultralight into a mogami Gold TRS into a QSC K-10.
AS TO TO THE SUNRISE PICKUP, I ran it directly into the AER Acoustacube III using a Mogami Platinum cable and worked with it for about 20 minutes. IT IS THE BEST OF THE SOUNDHOLE PICKUPS I HAVE TRIED, but to my ear and for the style of music I play, too much of the acousticness is lost, especially on the B string, as compared to what I normally use. The tube preamp was too expensive for me to purchase, so I didn't try that.

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