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Zaolla Silverline Guitar Cable

Zaolla Cables (pronounced zay-OH-la) are simply the best guitar cables you can buy. Period. Zaollas rule all other guitar cables—even the boutique, high-end cables produced by the big-name manufacturers.

How is it possible for one cable to be so much better than every other cable? Well, it's simple physics: Whereas almost every other cable has a core of pulled copper wire, these cables are built with cast silver. Since silver is the most electrically conductive metal in the periodic chart, the result is a guitar cable with the highest possible signal fidelity. Of course, since silver is expensive, it also means that the cable costs quite a bit more than a generic cable. But considering what a lot of players will spend on instruments, pickups, and amplifiers to improve their tone, the extra cost of a Zaolla cable is rather modest.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Bradley E.B. Edward B.
Great cable (Zaolla) and Wonderful Company (ShorelineMusic)

This was my first experience with Shoreline Music and they made it easy and fast. It was refreshing to find a company that seems to have a friendly personal touch. I bought a Zaolla cable from them..Zaolla cables seem to be the best that I've found .A friend told me about Zaolla cables and when I switched from a few other highly regarded cables to Zaolla I noticed much more of a difference than I expected.With out a doubt ,the signal was stronger and clearer.My first one I've used for about 5 years and it's fine . I just purchased another from Shoreline Music .I'm a fan of Shoreline and a fan of Zaolla. Ed Bradley

Michael Dragovic M.D. Michael D.
wonderful cable

Clearly well-crafted with care and great materials. Durable. Sounds amazing. If you're looking to improve your signal chain with tone and fidelity, try these cables.

robin staal r.s. robin s.
Best cable

Imported through shoreline to here in the uk
The cable is brilliant and thanjs to shoreline for sirting everything

Nick B. N.B. Nick B.

I believe good cables are critical. I have great guitars and great amps and, like Leo Fender, I believe that the guitar, cable and amp together are the instrument I am playing. A friend that I often trade high-end gear with basically gave me a couple of Zaolla cables.....just incredible! I've been using high-end cables for years but the Zaolla gear is something else entirely! Tyr them!...if you don't like then you can always send them to me..:)

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