Zoom H4n Pro

The H4n Pro isn't just improved, it's superior in every way. With advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and a super-low noise floor, you can record everything from the Indy 500 to the fluttering of a hummingbird with extraordinary realism.  

  • New, ultra-low noise preamps, the same as the acclaimed H5 and H6
  • Updated mic electronics, allowing for recording of louder sound pressure levels via X/Y mics (140 dB SPL)
  • New backlit display—brighter white, easier to read in multiple lighting conditions
  • New rubberized, ergonomic body
  • New studio-grade effects and emulators, including Amp+Cab emulators and effects from the G5n
  • New locking combo connectors to keep mics securely in place (heavily requested by creators over the years)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keith Reynolds
Great little machine

Excellent sound quality and options at this price point. Very easy to use in the standard stereo mode with decent built-in mics. Easily worth the money.

Awesome portable recorder!

This recorder is unique and really does the job well once you've figured how it works, and that took hours of reading the manual for me. I was a bit disappointed to learn that you can't use effects in 4-channel mode, so you can't use h4n pro's effects and record the microphone and the external inputs at the same time, anyways that wasn't a big deal for me. Amazing sound quality, portable size and possibility of using it as an audio interface make this great device a must-have!

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