G7th Performance Capo 2

I remember when the G7th capo first found its way to our shores from the UK. As I do with most gear fads, I withheld judgement until I had a chance to use it onstage. Nowadays, the G7th is the only capo I'll take onstage with me anymore. It really is that good. I find that on a Crowdster, the Shubb S-1 is a better fit, but for all other guitars, including my workhorse Renaissance RS6, the G7th rules.

The G7th capo is the only one I've ever used that offers true one-hand operation, in both the tension adjustment and application/removal. To attach it to the fretboard, you just squeeze until the tension is appropriate, and let go. To remove it, you just pop the little switch on the bottom, and it's off (and the newer geometry of this capo means it can go on your headstock, unlike the original G7th). Yes, it's a bit on the expensive side, but once you master its usage, you'll never go back.

Customer Reviews

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Compact, clamps to a mic stand, won't kill your frets, with a little practice fast to apply & remove

I've been using Dunlop Trigger capos for years. Lately I've been playing a single guitar almost exclusively and obvious fret damage is appearing underneath the wound strings from those capos. The various Shub clones have a screw to adjust that I don't want to bother with at a gig and they are not easily clamped to a mic stand. That leaves the very well made G7th Performance option. It took a gig to get used to placing it with the right amount of force on the first try. Another plus is it not as bulky and ugly clamped to your headstock.

3 stars

Well made,but back could be a little shorter for first position cording. Also some bussing on neck 1st &2nd position on my Taylor. I think a thicker pad could resolve this problem.

Great service!

I am very happy with the capo. It works well with my cittern, and allows resonance that was damped by my previous capo.

totally satified

I love this capo. It provides even pressure across all of the strings whether low or high on the fret board giving a full sound when strumming or finger picking. I will never go back to any other capo.


I think we've tried 'em all from the "clothespin" variety to the hairy, spring loaded gizmo that rolls up and down the neck, all with their various operational quirks. This thing just works without any fuss or downside that I can see. As with anything, there's always room for improvement though (hence the 1 Star deduction). Thinking if they can get it a little lighter still, and get the price point a little friendlier to the ol' budget, they'd have perfection! As for the G7th company, and Shoreline Music, both 5 Stars all the way. Good folks, with great hearts and great service to match!

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