Shubb Standard Guitar Capo

The standard Shubb C-1 capo pictured here got a big upgrade a couple years back, picking up a few features from our bestselling Shubb Deluxe capos:

  • New roller design with improved geometry
  • New finishes
  • Rounder edges and contours for greater comfort when handling

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian Anderson B.A. Brian A.
The one and only capo...

I've used the older traditional Shubb capo for years and have always loved it. I bought this one so I don't have to continually adjust the tension going from my thicker necks to my thinner one. I have found this one to be a delight to use. It's an improvement over the old design for sure. Very smooth actuation and I am very please with how well it holds. And, as always, the fit and finish are great. Very nice indeed.

F. Peter F.P. F. P.
Nice capo, but get the Deluxe to Buy American.

Classy, low profile, very well made. Very little change to intonation. Some say it's a two handed operation to change positions with it; but with a little practice, it can be mastered with one hand. Now that I realize the Shubb Deluxe Capo is made in America, whereas the Standard is made in China, I'd spend the extra couple of dollars to buy American, but that's just me. Overall, nice capo.

Olen Ellis O.E. Olen E.
Reliable capo

Shubb Standard Capo - great value.
I own both Shubb 12-string and G7th capos - both great capos. I've found that on one 6-string guitar I own, the Shubb works better for holding down the E - 1st string.
The latest version of the standard model is now virtually the same as the deluxe model, so save a few bucks! I highly recommend this capo, and it's under $20.

Scott Goff S.G. Scott G.
Shubb Capo ish Shweet!

The ONLY thing I don't like is it needs two-handed operation. I can take it off with one hand, but adjusting it properly on a different fret requires two hands (at least, it does for me). Other than that, the action is smooth, it does not affect the tuning (that I've noticed), it doesn't poke me in the eye because of some spare parts hanging out above the fretboard, and it just looks good! And, with a guitar strap on anyway, I really do have both hands available anyway. Don't get me wrong, I like my one-handed Kyser too, but the Shubb seems very well-made, sturdy, and firm without being overly-hard. I'd buy another one if ever I need another capo!

Ed-in-Ohio E. Ed-in-Ohio
Partial Capo Model C8B for an Open Low E String - Excellent!

Note: This review is for Shubb Model C8B [a partial capo that skips the sixth string (low E) and covers the other five, emulating a drop-D tuning]. It is available under this product listing when one sends a note to Shoreline after the order indicating that the purchase was for a C8B.

For some time I have been trying to find a capo that works well on just the first five strings. Due to capo design, and because one normally needs to come from the treble side when trying to cover the first five strings, it has been next to impossible for me to find a capo that did this well. Enter the C8B! Attaches from the bass side while skipping the sixth string. Attaches easily, and works great with NO string buzz. Outstanding! Highly recommended.

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