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Pickups & Preamps

There are few things in life I find as enjoyable as making music onstage. But to play guitar onstage, you almost always need a good pickup to plug in. And there's no place better than Shoreline to find the very best of acoustic guitar pickups, preamps, and DIs. Whether you're looking for the simplicity and accuracy of a K&K Pure Mini, or the complexity and versatility of a dual-source rig with an outboard blending preamp, we have the best selection of gear at the best prices.

K&K Pure Mini
52 reviews
Fire-Eye Red-Eye
5 reviews
Sunrise S-2
2 reviews

Highlander IP-1
4 reviews
Sunrise SB1
No reviews

LR Baggs Anthem
2 reviews

K&K Pure Preamp
2 reviews

LR Baggs Lyric
1 review
K&K Pure XLR
3 reviews

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