Audioengine B2

Until recently, I was not a big fan of Bluetooth audio. While it did boast a rock-solid wireless connection, it just never sounded any good. But with the advent of the aptX codec, things have changed rather dramatically. Bluetooth audio now has the dynamic range and wide-open tone that it had been lacking for so long. The best part is, Audioengine was quick to jump on this, and the result is the striking new B2.

The B2 is built around the great-sounding A2+ speaker, with an attractive wood cabinet and easy setup. This is an appealing way to get started in wireless audio, and I recommend it highly.

  • Streams audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Easy setup, connects in seconds
  • Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
  • Hand-built wood cabinet
  • Dual front port slots for extended bass
  • Acoustically isolated cabinet design with detachable magnetic grill
  • Aux audio input

Customer Reviews

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Audioengine B2 speaker

First: received outstanding service from John on ordering this B2 speaker. Quick, fast setup for bluetooth connection with my mobile devices. Sound quality from this speaker is Excellent- for voice and music clarity. Nice bass response. For me, this speaker produces balanced mid-range and treble sound. Glad Shoreline Music notified me on the discount offer for the Audioengine products.

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