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Avalon Tambuti Custom

What do you do when you find a wood that no one has ever used to build an acoustic guitar? In our case, the answer is easy:  Have Avalon Guitars build a custom instrument out of it.

This guitar you see here is the result of a cup of coffee shared with Steve McIlwraith, the head honcho over at Avalon Guitars in Belfast. You can hear the whole story in our video on this page, but after I saw their set of Tambuti, I ordered this guitar as "chef's choice"—I told Avalon to build me the guitar they would most enjoy building and playing. I gave them no specs or instructions other than to make sure that they use their one and only set of Tambuti to build it.

As you can see here, the outcome is a rather stunning instrument, the first guitar of its kind. In addition to gorgeous looks, it boasts a tone that is at once both rich and airy. It's easily one of the best Avalon guitars I've ever played.

  • Premium Alpine Spruce top
  • Tambuti ( Spirostachys Africana) back and sides
  • Custom Rosewood bevel
  • Ard Ri trim
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