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Closeout Audioengine D3

Open box Audioengine D3. Regular price $189. Sold as is.

One thing you've gotta love about Audioengine is that they don't rest on their laurels. Even though the  Audioengine D1  is our best-selling DAC, they decided to crank things up with the D3. It looks like a flash drive or the old iPod shuffle, but crammed in there is an upgraded asynchronous DAC and nifty headphone preamp, ready to be plugged into any USB port. This is portable headphone goodness at its very best:  Audioengine made sure that the D3 can handle low-impedance phones, and they even included a 1/4"-to-mini adapter in the box with the D3. This is a killer piece of gear, and a great intro to improved computer audio.

  • Input up to 24/192
  • 110db signal to noise
  • 10Hz - 25kHz frequency response
  • Uses the AKM4396 DAC
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