Closeout Audioengine DS2

Open box return. Regular price $34. Sold as-is.

These little stands are designed to point Audioengine speakers (or any speakers, for that matter) upward toward your ears, as they sit on your desk. These are intended for larger speakers like that A5+ or HD6. We also have closeout versions of the DS1, which is for smaller speakers like the A2+ or HD3.

They can also be used to point them downward if your speakers are, say, on a higher bookshelf. The ones listed here are just open-box, but they're effectively brand new.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aidan Collier
Perfect for ear leveling

After two foam isolation pads from Amazon I found the DS2s. The purpose of them was to aim a pair of bookshelf speakers I have on my desk toward my head and they do the job perfectly. They also do a good job of stopping the desk from vibrating.

Olen Ellis
Just the right angle

I bought these Audioengine DS2 angled stands to support a couple of small Bose speakers I've had for a number of years. They're hooked up to TV via amplifier/receiver. These stands help the audio to project better. They're well worth the price and Shoreline's excellent delivery time got them into my house fast. Thanks!

Jesus Remon
great products & service

Audioengin's DS2 work great. Shoreline's service excellent as always. Thank you!

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