Closeout LR Baggs Align Series EQ Pedal

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    This EQ pedal is one of my favorite product introductions this year. It captures the essence of what most plugged-in acoustic players are looking for, which is why it is by far our most popular Align pedal.

    Most acoustic players with onboard electronics are looking for just a little bit of tweak. Tame the highs, scoop the mids, boost the lows, it all depends on your guitar and pickup and venue. But most preamps—yes, this pedal also includes a clean acoustic preamp—have at most 3 bands of EQ, and often lack phase inversion (which honestly won't seem all that useful until you really need it) or any means of feedback control. With both high-pass and notch filters on this Align pedal, as well as variable input gain, the only thing missing is a DI. But given how powerful and musical this pedal is, you're going to want it as part of your signal chain either way.

  • 6-band EQ for meticulous tone sculpting
    Variable high-pass filter for best sound and feedback control
    Phase inversion for both passive and active pickups
    3 position gain switch for easy level control
    Garret Null notch filter tames resonant feedback

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Customer Reviews

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Travis Taylor
Great addition to an acoustic rig!

This EQ is fantastic to add to an acoustic rig. It’s great to have more control of the frequencies and works well with pedals that have no or limited EQ capabilities such as a Fire Eye Red Eye but also a TC Helicon Acoustic Play.


I've always a fan of the original Para DI. Long before all the options available to the acoustic guitarist today there was L.R. Baggs' Para DI, and anybody plugging an acoustic guitar in back in the 90's was using one. This is basically the same unit but does not have an XLR out. There are tons of great options out there that will give you the XLR output and some are even phantom powered (I use a Red Eye). With the Red Eye's effects loop I can buffer the sound of my pickup (passive SBT) prior to running through the Align EQ and further tailor my sound with the EQ. I play in both solo settings and in a praise band and I find the 6 band EQ on the Align not only effective but also musical, something I've not been impressed with in other devices. For solo settings this is a must- the Red Eye sounds great but can be limiting in certain rooms and/or situations. For band situations where your FOH sound person wants to tweak your EQ you can disengage the device or run your signal flat. The best feature though, and one that I love the most about the Align, is the notch filter. Extremely effective without killing your tone settings outside the offending frequency. Nice and usable piece of gear L.R. Baggs- well done!!

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