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Closeout Radial Engineering JDI

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The JDI is considered by many stage pros to be the finest DI in the world. While it doesn't have the massive internal voltage and dynamic handling of the JDV, it does have flat frequency response and complete freedom from distortion. Plus, since it uses no power supply, you don't have to hunt for somewhere to plug it in, and you're free from 60hz ground loops. The JDI pulls this off by using a Jensen transformer (Jensen the industry-leading transformer designers, not Jensen of car audio fame). This superior transformer also means that you get significantly more headroom than many other passive DIs—more even than many active DIs. If you're using a guitar with an active pickup, you'll have a hard time finding a better, quieter, more transparent DI than the Radial JDI. Also available in a two-channel version.

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