Closeout Schertler UNICO

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The new Schertler UNICO is the latest entry into their Next Generation lineup. We're not talking about Picard and Data and Troi—"Next Generation" is what Schertler is calling all their revamped and improved amp offerings these days. With attractive looks, attractive prices, and feature sets unheard of at these price points, they certainly get my vote.

The UNICO (Italian for "unique") fits in that spot that's a bit bigger than the JAM, but for someone who doesn't want to carry around a Jam 400. With 250 bi-amplified watts and a 10" woofer, this may be all the amp you'll ever need. I can't say for sure, but Schertler is even suggesting that this functions well as a crossover amp for electric guitars, too.

  • Weight  14.2 kg (31.30lb)
  • Dimensions  32.4x32.6x43.8cm
  • Frequency Response 50 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Speakers 1” dome tweeter, 10” woofer
  • Channels 5 independent channels
  • Inputs Channel 1 Jack 6.3mm unbalanced, Channel 2/3 XLR balanced, Channel 4 Jack 3.5mm stereo, Channel 5 2x Jack 6.3mm unbalanced
  • Outputs DI, LINE, AUX
  • Phantom Power 10V on Channel 1, 24V and 10V on Channel 2, 24V on Channel 3
  • Effect Digital reverb with Decay

Customer Reviews

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Best all around acoustic amp

If you are looking for an amp that fits in every situation this is your amp. Powerful enough for any large venue you will play, yet extremely precise for those smaller venues with lower volume. Plain and simple this amp gives you options. If you want to gig with multiple singers, musicians, etc. there are multiple channels to plug into which is a major plus. Also, although it weighs a little more than other options, I have not found it to be a burden to transport.

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