Elixir Nanoweb Electric Guitar Strings

Elixir Strings are brought to you by W.L. Gore and Associates, an innovator in PTFE polymer since 1958 (think Teflon). If you're a skier and a hiker like me, you've probably used Gore-Tex clothing for years. Now, they turn this expertise to making polymer coatings for their Elixir guitar strings, and the results are striking. You don't have to spend long in any guitar-related discussion before someone eventually begins praising the long-lasting tone of these popular strings. It's this long-lasting tone that has led many major guitar manufacturers to ship their guitars already strung with Elixir strings.

Nanowebs are the brighter version of Elixirs (Polywebs are the other), and in our shop they are the better sellers by far. The Nanoweb coating is thinner than the Polyweb coating, which gives these strings a tone closer to the out-of-the-box brightness of standard strings, as well as giving them a grip a bit more like uncoated strings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin Stauffer
First time on an electric guitar ... same great results

I'd switched to Elixir nanowebs for my acoustic guitar several years ago. Now I've just put nanos on my customized Telecaster, and I could not be happier. Great tone, durability, everything you hope for from Elixir strings. Shoreline Music is my go-to for guitar strings ... free shipping, solid customer service.

justin johns
Elixir strings are unmatched

They hold tune, last forever, and feel great on the fingertips. What more can you ask for? Buy them.

Walt Kulwicki
Best strings for working players

I play 25-30 gigs a month and use Elixir strings exclusively. I used anothe brand for years and had to change strings every week, but with elixirs I can get up to a month before the strings lose their sound and feel.

Ronald Spear
Elixer electric stringss

Great strings...Have used them exclusively on my Taylor T5. (medium gauge)...Highly recommended..

Matthew Anderson
Great Strings

I love Elixir strings. Been using them on my acoustics for many years and recently picked up my first electric guitar. I went with the Elixir nano lights because they're a brand I can trust and they sound great. The bonus is that they last forever and have no finger squeak.

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