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John Pearse Phosphor Bronze & Silk Acoustic Guitar Strings

It probably makes more sense to call John Pearse silk and steel strings "steel and silk and steel", since the silk actually forms a sheath around a narrower-than usual steel core, cushioning the wrap wire. Either way, these are the best silk+steels I know of. They're punchier than run of the mill silk+steel strings, but still softer and mellower than traditional phosphor bronze. You're going to love them.

Customer Reviews

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nathan peterson n.p. nathan p.
Great tone

Loved the tone. Exactly what I want my strings to sound like. Maybe a hair quieter than typical PB strings. Feel wise they're a little "loose" for me, so far. Will keep playing with them though...

Christian Ayala C.A. Christian A.
Best strings I've ever used on an acoustic!

Before settling for John Pearse strings, I tried a MYRIAD of other companies, from Elixer's to Thomastik's to Ernie Balls, etc. None of them come even close to the comfort and just amazing shimmering sound of JP strings. you won't regret buying a pack or two or five ;)

Ed-in-Ohio E. Ed-in-Ohio
Excellent strings for that "too bright" Dreadnought!

I ordered these assuming they would work well on my "too bright' guitars, and they definitely fill the bill! These strings provide a woody, warm, rich, and full tone right from the start. They also seem to have a very finger-friendly tension, so right from the get-go you've got a nice "broken in" feel and sound. However, it should be pointed out that these strings provide noticeably lower volume than either phosphor bronze or 80/20 strings of the same gauge. Hence, I'm recommending them for dreadnought sized guitars, since the larger sound chambers on those guitars will help compensate for the lower volume of the strings. I'd also recommend these for any amplified guitar that is naturally "too bright". These are fine strings, try them on your bright guitars...On a couple of my guitars the improvement is remarkable. 4 1/2 stars.

Ronald Spear R.S. Ronald S.
JP Silk

These strings are perfect for My taylor Gc. ELIXERS are too bright for my 912 and these tame some of that. TKS Shoreline...

JP PB & Silk -- Fantastic!

I am a fan of JP strings, but I had never used this version before. I have read positive reviews about these from other players and gave them a try. Wow - I think these are great strings for the 2 guitars I've tried them on. I am most pleased with the tone that is brought out of my Collings maple OM. Collings guitars tend to be bright, which I like, but these strings bring a nice touch of warmth with a mellow bottom end to make this guitar sound better than it ever has before. The strings feel great and I think I have a new favorite for that guitar. I've also strung up a redwood OM with these, and while it fell just short of blowing me away, they produce a great sound as well. Great strings. As always the service at Shoreline is spectacular.

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