John Pearse Phosphor Bronze & Silk Acoustic Guitar Strings

It probably makes more sense to call John Pearse silk and steel strings "steel and silk and steel", since the silk actually forms a sheath around a narrower-than usual steel core, cushioning the wrap wire. Either way, these are the best silk+steels I know of. They're punchier than run of the mill silk+steel strings, but still softer and mellower than traditional phosphor bronze. You're going to love them.

Customer Reviews

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Not as mellow as expected (that's a good thing)

I tend more toward mellow-tone strings, mostly because I like silk/phosphor for fingerstyle. Most of the time I'm playing on nylon strings, so my poor fingers need all the help than can get on the steel strings. Usually I get Taylor silk/phosphor, but I figured I'd give these a whirl. I like them much better than the Taylor strings and I would say these are not as mellow as the Taylor strings, which is nice that I can have a brighter sound and still use silk/phosphor strings. I would definitely buy these again.

A more mellow guitar sound

Am really enjoying the mellow tones coming from my new Larrivee OM rosewood with these strings. Regular phosphor bronze JP's are great too, but I'm developing a strong preference for the softer, folk sound, these bronze and silks generate. Not quite so much ringing from the higher notes, with a bit more punch from the bass. I will definitely order again!

Great strings!

Fun to play, easy on the fingers. Would not recommend for a rhythm or lead player, but for the at-home couch player, these are a fun change.

Excellent strings on the right guitar

JPs are impressive, overall, esp. when mated with the right instrument. These are on a couple Martin parlors and are working well. Will try them on some others in the future.

sound advise

first time playing the bronze and silk strings I like the mellow tone that the silk treble strings give and blend well with midrange and bottom end

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