K&K Mandolin Twin Internal

The Mandolin Twin Internal is a twin-head, retrofit mandolin transducer. It is a fully internal pickup system. Both the tranducers and the endpin-jack are mounted inside the mandolin. The transducers are attached with special super-thin and strong peel-and-stick tape. Installation of this system should be done by an experienced luthier or mandolin tech. If you are looking for a system that is easy to install by yourself please check out our Mandolin Twin Fusion system.

The Mandolin Twin Internal reproduces the original mandolin tone with very natural tone quality and it is highly feedback resistant. It is used by high end Mandolin Builders like Clark Mandolins and by many professional players.

Due to the internal mounted pickups, the Mandolin Twin Internal delivers even better sound than our previous model, the Mandolin Twin. Plus it doesn't clutter up the outside of your instrument.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chuck Smith
K & K review

Love these mando pickups...easy to install and sound great. Lots of output for a passive system. I've installed several of the K & K twin and never had an issue. Install was flawless and all customers where happy. Kudos to your R & D team they hit the nail on the head with this one!!

San Juan Mandolins
Pickup of Choice

I am a one man shop building a handful of mandolins a year, but when I am asked for recommendations for pickups the K+K comes first. I think the K+K has a very true acoustic sound and works well in high volume stage settings. It is a breeze to install and I've had no complaints about the dozens of K+K's I've installed in my and other makers instruments. And on top of that, Shoreline Music is great with customer service.

Robert Espejo
Awesome tone, great value

Installed in my Collings MF. Very responsive, very mic-like. Incredible tone absolutely clean with no pre-amp. Would definitely buy it again. Highly recommended.

Keith Prest
K&K Mandolin Twin Internal Pickup

Easily installed. Great sound and output. Better than McIntyre Feather for noise level. Thanks for great service Shoreline!

William Burnette
Best acoustic pickups on the market!

I had already purchased a K&K Trinity for my Stonebridge G22CR-C, so when I decided to get a pickup for my stage mandolin, the K&K was the only pickup I considered. I was not disappointed- the mandolin sounds awesome when amplified with this pickup and preamp combo. It doesn't pick up as much of the distracting percussive noises from the mandolin top as the under saddle or top transducer pickups I've heard, so it's the next best thing to mic-ing your instrument. Of course mic-ing severely limits your ability to move around, so this pickup can set you free! Very pleased with the product and Shoreline is a great company to deal with!

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