K&K Pure Classic

If we were to judge the caliber of acoustic guitar pickups simply by customer response, then the K&K Pure would be the hands-down winner. The version of the Pure Pickup you see here is designed for classical guitars. It uses four pickup heads instead of the three in a steel-string guitar, mostly because any classical pickup needs to straddle the center fan brace, and moving to an even number of pickup elements is an obvious solution.

Whether you're a traditional player, or play with a flamenco or percussive style, this pickup is a great way to amplify your classical guitar.

Customer Reviews

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John Rundle
IMO K&K pickups outshine the rest

I have used many of the other big brand pickups over the years and have installed many K&K mini pickups. This is the first classical K&K I have used. These pickups are the most authentic sounding acoustic guitar pickups I have used to date. The classic is a bit more difficult to install but is well worth the effort. Besides producing the most authentic sound, they are the lightest in weight and the "hottest" even though they are passive. All you need is a way to shape your tone, either with a preamp or on your amplifier's EQ. The K&K pickups tend to be bass heavy and just need the low frequencies toned down a bit. They are probably not the best in a band situation under high sound pressures but they are the best in all other situations. For guitars that are built light weight and resonant you can't go wrong with the K&K!

Lloyd Brinson
Awesome pickups

This is the 4th K&K pickup that I've installed; along with 2 K&K Pure Minis and a 12 string pickup. These pickups really give the true acoustic sound without the need for a pre-amp or a battery. The installation instructions and templates provided make it foolproof and easy. I'm very impressed with these pickups. Shoreline Music is an awesome company to deal with. Their prices are great, the service is fantastic, and the shipping time is amazing. I look forward to recommending these pickups to my future customers. I will definitely continue be a repeat customer with Shoreline Music.

Sandy Richards
K&K Pickups are the best that I've found for acoustic instruments.

Acoustic pickups made by K&K have proved to be the best pickups for my guitars and many customers' own instruments. They can be installed in most acoustic instruments with minimal fuss and I have used and recommended K&Ks for many years now. I have never had a customer who wasn't delighted with the outcome. Usually, K&Ks don't require the use of a preamp but if a customer needs more control over their sound, then K&K make an excellent, reasonably priced preamp that doesn't need to be installed into the guitar.
I've used K&Ks in a wide variety of instruments- acoustic guitars, resonators, banjos, mandolins and even a harp guitar, with excellent results.
I can't recommend them too highly!

michael simms
Great service, product as promised

Great service, product as promised

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