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Larrivee OM-09

What a great guitar this is. I've said elsewhere that my favorite Larrivees are their OMs—I find them to be the most consistently impressive of their instruments. In fact, in our shop, Larrivee OMs outsell the L-body by about 4 to 1. But we usually order the mahogany OMs, or some of the lower series. On a lark, I decided to revisit our old standby, the OM-09, and I couldn't be happier with this purchase

When this guitar first showed in our shop, we all remarked how nice this instrument was, especially for the price. The build quality, as usual, is outstanding, with the great 09-series touches like maple binding throughout. The tone is balanced and rich, just as you'd expect from a Larrivee. But the rosewood in this guitar adds a rich, expansive lushness and resonance that make you feel like you're playing a much larger guitar. It also has quite a bit more volume than our usual mahogany models.

I knew when ordering this rosewood OM that I would like it; I was surprised at how  much I liked it. I recommend it without reservation.

  • OM body shape
  • Sitka Spruce top over Rosewood back and sides
  • No onboard electronics
  • Includes Larrivee hardshell case
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