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Larrivee OMV-03E

The OMV-03E has technically been discontinued by Larrivee—apparently they don't build many OMs with cutaways anymore. But we've had such great success with this guitar, we continue to order it (and it doesn't hurt to have a guitar on hand that no one else stocks).

The OMV-03E packs all the punch and balance of the standard OM-03, but adds a Baggs onboard pickup. As indicated in our regular OM-03 listing (and the video which I've included here), we're huge fans of that guitar. But I have the added bonus that I've road-tested this guitar—we sold one of these to one of the worship leaders at our church, and when I'm running sound, this guitar blows away every guitar on the stage in terms of plugged-in tone (and this includes some pretty nice Taylors). In fact, I tell all the other sound operators just to switch off the EQ for this guitar. So with this instrument, you're guaranteed to get great tone unplugged, and great tone plugged in.

  • OM body shape
  • Sitka Spruce top over Mahogany back and sides
  • LR Baggs Anthem StagePro pickup system
  • Includes Larrivee hardshell case
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