Long Hollow Leather Pinnacle Supple Milled

Please note—the "brown" version of this strap is a dark brown. The "chestnut" is the lighter brown you see pictured to the left.

If you're like me, the last part of your gear you think about is your strap. When I get up onstage, I'm thinking about sound check, tuning, and my songlist, and I just kind of throw on whatever strap is available. But when you're playing for several hours, it becomes painfully evident if you have a lousy guitar strap.

Well, a few years back, Bruce Adolph handed me a Long Hollow Leather strap, and despite its apparently simple design, I immediately noticed it was the most comfortable guitar strap I had ever slung over my shoulder. Also, the wide part of the strap actually reached up and over my shoulder—I'm 6'6", and this is a rarity. Needless to say, I was immediately impressed with these straps, and after several hours with a bass guitar hanging off one, I realized what I had been missing all along. If you're tired of your ratty old nylon strap and are looking for a high-quality, comfortable strap, I cannot recommend these highly enough.

The Pinnacle Supple Milled is Long Hollow's top strap. It features more stitching than any other model, and its leather is as supple as the Softy. It comes in a thicker cut than the Softy, however, and is lined with an extra layer of particularly smooth leather.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Sullivan
Puts Me in a Good Mood

I've spent WAAAAY more on straps before. Now I realize how silly that was. Long Hollow is my new favorite strap. Quality leather/construction, super comfy, perfect size.

ken nash
Love this stap!

I’ve had a few guitar straps in my day but to be honest this is the best bang for the buck.

Dwight Spencer
The 'Real Deal' strap

Whether sitting or standing, the strap has to keep the guitar in the correct position and feel like nothing is there. My Long Hollow strap does just that and looks incredible and super comfortable. There is not a better strap out there at any price.

Terry Oyama

I bought this cuz I’ve been searching high and low for a reasonably priced leather strap. The leather is supple, and it’s as as comfortable as everyone says.

My very minor complaint is that I’m only 5’5” and I also wear my guitar high. If I use the shortest of the three strap openings, it leaves a lot of strap dangling off the end of my guitar. I don’t want to cut it, so I have it knotted up.

Jered Schuerman
The go to strap.

I've bought 3 of these from Shoreline. It is my go to strap. Whenever I buy a new guitar the next purchase is a strap -- and it will always be this one. Super comfy and well made.

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