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LR Baggs Venue DI

The LR Baggs Venue DI is a pedal/stomp box that brings you the best features of the Para Acoustic DI, adds a bunch more, and throws in a mutable in-line chromatic tuner to boot. It boasts a 5-band EQ—and the high and low mids each get an adjustable frequency sweep—as well as the standard notch filter you find on the Baggs PADI. It has separate jacks for effects send and return, a ground lift, and phase switch. And finally, in case you ever need a little extra boost in volume, it even comes with a boost switch. This will run on a 9V battery (but not phantom power), and it can also be powered by most pedalboard wall warts. With all the features packed into this single box, you're never going to have buy a separate tuner and DI again.
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