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LR Baggs Venue DI

The LR Baggs Venue DI is a pedal/stomp box that brings you the best features of the Para Acoustic DI, adds a bunch more, and throws in a mutable in-line chromatic tuner to boot. It boasts a 5-band EQ—and the high and low mids each get an adjustable frequency sweep—as well as the standard notch filter you find on the Baggs PADI. It has separate jacks for effects send and return, a ground lift, and phase switch. And finally, in case you ever need a little extra boost in volume, it even comes with a boost switch. This will run on a 9V battery (but not phantom power), and it can also be powered by most pedalboard wall warts. With all the features packed into this single box, you're never going to have buy a separate tuner and DI again.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome DI

I'm a long time user of a Baggs M1 Passive and a Para Acoustic DI combo. I decided to upgrade to an M80 and a Venue DI. Boy, am I glad I did.

The Venue has an adjustable boost feature, which is priceless for me within my band. The tuner/mute is also so valuable. But the tone is just glorious. The M80 sounds deeper and beefier than the M1 (the Venue is set to the passive mode.) It can be attributed partially to the M80, and partially to the Venue. I can say this with confidence, because the ol' M1 sounds great through the Venue too.

Thanks John and Shoreline Music!

Great pre-amp and DI

I purchased the Venue from Shoreline last year, after using the Baggs PADI for several years, which is a good all-around DI also. The Venue does the PADI one better, having more "whistles and bells". Two of the useful features are the mute switch and the built-in tuner. I've been thoroughly pleased with this DI/pre-amp.

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