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Martin Monel Retro Acoustic Guitar Strings

A new take on an old favorite - Martin Retro Strings are crafted from monel, a long-lasting, nickel-based alloy blend, this unique formula mellows quickly to a warm, vintage tone that brings out the natural, woody sounds in your acoustic guitar. Martin Retros provide a rich foundation on rhythm and crisp, clean notes on lead. And the qualities of this unique alloy give the strings a soft touch that make bends and slides feel effortless. Martin Retros are suitable for all genres of music.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Poddany M.P. Mark P.
Martin RETRO Strings

These strings are just the thing to keep your old Martin sounding like an old Martin. I put them on my 1949 0-15 and couldn't be Happier! Thanks Shoreline for the Super Fast Service!! AA+++

Zachary Largey Z.L. Zachary L.
Just can't get them to last.

Shoreline is great, but this is my 3rd time trying these and they never last longer than 3 days. I do like the initial tone, yet they always doe on me after just a few hours. Will stick to SPs and John Pearse's.

George Erickson G.E. George E.
Good to go

I put these strings on a week and a half ago. Didn't stretch them , just tuned up and they are still in tune. The sound isn't the cutting sound you get with most new strings. Nice blend of tones with fingers or flat pick. Happy with them so far, will see about longevity.

Brandon Rockefeller B.R. Brandon R.
Monel strings

These strings are awesome love the tone. Thank you shoreline music

William Bullock W.B. William B.
Martin Monel retro strings

I heard about these strings online, a decided to give them a try. Do they make your guitar sound old? I'm not sure, but I like the sound I hear.

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