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Northwood R80-000

It doesn't take long reading through our site to realize that we love John McQuarrie's Northwood Guitars. My main guitar for several years was an R80-MJ, and my love for that instrument found its way into our inventory:  Most of the Northwoods we've stocked over the years have been some variation on the Mini-Jumbo theme.

It took a custom order for a rosewood OOO to slap some sense into me—that guitar was so good, I knew we needed a lot more of John's OOO guitars in the shop. Since then, whether it's a custom, or 70-series mahogany build, or rosewood as you see in this listing, the OOO has become our bestselling Northwood. And for good reason:  The OOO takes all the rich tone of John's Mini-Jumbo, sticks it in a more playable package, and then adds in a bit of extra ring. I've been a huge fan of the Mini-Jumbo for over 15 years, but given the quality of these OOOs, don't ask me to pick a favorite. I'll plead the 5th for sure.

  • OOO body shape
  • Engelmann Spruce over Rosewood back and sides
  • Flamed Koa binding
  • No onboard electronics
  • Includes Hiscox hardshell case
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