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Renaissance RS6 Standard

The RS6 is the standard Renaissance stage model. The "S" stands for "steel-string", and the "6" designates, of course, the number of strings. This guitar is a joy to play, and its plugged-in tone has the potential to sound better than even some full-bodied guitars. It has terrific response, sustain and clarity, and it performs equally well fingerpicked or strummed (although it doesn't take to heavy strumming all that well, just because of its low action). It lights up in dropped tunings, which is more than I can say for some regular acoustic guitars.

This is my main stage guitar, and although I use it in live worship with a full rock band, I never have even a hint of feedback. I also occasionally use it in smaller venues where fingerstyle guitar can actually be heard, and again, it sounds fantastic. I've played it at weddings and solo shows, as well as singing along with it in multiple venues, and it is always performs great.

  • Slimline, hollow acoustic body design
  • Cedar top over Walnut back and sides
  • DTAR Timberline onboard electronics
  • Includes gigbag
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