Sunrise S-2

Sunrise Pickups are handbuilt by Jim Kaufman in limited numbers, but this allows the finest attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each pickup has individually adjustable pole pieces to give you maximum control over string balance and tone. They also come with a transferable lifetime guarantee—no doubt because of their remarkably sturdy construction and high-quality internal components. Jim also builds preamp/buffer boxes to accompany the pickups. We strongly recommend using these even if you already have some sort of outboard preamp you're using.

All Sunrise pickup models start with the exact same award-winning pickup; the only difference between the different versions is the length and design of the connections. The S-2 package includes an installation kit along with the pickup. The kit comprises a stereo endpin jack, in-line mini jacks, and a Mogami low-noise cable. The S-2 is our top seller, and it's my recommendation if you're looking to use the Sunrise as a single-source pickup.

Customer Reviews

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Jere Mealer
Outstanding Product, Service

I've owned a Sunrise pickup before, so I knew what to expect. I was not disappointed. The S-2 in my Gibson Hummingbird, combined with the SB-1 Buffer Box, into a Bose L1...beautiful, crystal clear highs, pleasing mids, wonderful clarity in the bass, with power and authority. No feedback issues, no batteries on-board. I highly recommend tweaking the individual pole pieces while running through YOUR signal chain to get the maximum eq benefit. I've been a Shoreline customer for many years, and John is the best. The service simply could not be any better.

Mihali Savoulidis


Froggy Wang
Sunrise S2 - no brainer

For me this is absolutely the BEST magnetic pickup in the world. I've tried many pickup systems, but Sunrise is the only one making me stop looking for new things. It's a made by a one man shop, so sometimes hard to buy. I'd recommend using Sunrise along with a second pickup, for example K&K pure mini, that would be fabulous!

Nathan Weekes
Sunrise is the best-hands down!

Sunrise not only is the best pickup I have tried, it also has the best name. I've played guitar semi-professionally for over 25 years. In that time I have tried numerous pickups including: Fishman, Seymour Duncan, LR Baggs, Dean Markley, Graph Tech, Taylor Expression System and several others. None of these are as clean, clear, reliable or durable as the Sunrise. I love the lush and warm sound I get with the Sunrise. The sound men also love it because of how simple it is. No feedback and no pre-amp necessary depending on the venue. Jim Kaufman's design and personal customer service is impeccable. Thanks Sunrise!

Gary Guerrero
Jim Kaufman has it right !

I have bought 2 Sunrise S-2 packages (from Shoreline Music) and I am saving my cash for a 3rd. For a little over $300.00 you can have a HANDBUILT pick up, wiring kit and jack that will give any guitar sound studio production quality sound live. My guitars sound amazing live (an old Alvarez and an old Takamine.) If you don't believe me check out the Rolling Stones this year when they are on tour. They can afford anything and they use Sunrise.

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