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Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus (Cajun Red)

The Crowdster is also available with electric pickups, so if you're looking for a little extra edge, or just the ability to go electric for a few songs, the Crowdster Plus listed here is worth a serious look. What's remarkable about this guitar is that even though it features standard acoustic strings—bronze as opposed to the nickel found on most electric guitars—it boasts electric tone that is head and shoulders above any other hybrid I've played, rivaling even some regular electric guitars. This means you get the best of both worlds, with a design that allows you to play either the electric or acoustic signals individually, to sum them together for a single output, or to split them with a Y-cable so you can send the acoustic half to the house PA, and the electric half to whatever effects and amps you like to use. 

The guitar you see listed here features Anderson's Cajun Red finish, but I feel like in person it leans a bit more toward a Cabernet than a true red, with great results. It's easily the most beautiful Crowdster we've ever had in stock, and a real crowd-pleaser in the shop. In fact, Brian and I occasionally joke about which guitars we would grab first if a fast-moving fire or flood ever threatened our retail store. It's a silly exercise, but one that helps narrow down our true favorites. While we have our disagreements about the very best guitars in the shop, the one guitar we always agree on is this one. The first time you pick it up, I think you'll agree with us.

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