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Zaolla Silverline Patch Cable

Zaolla Cables (pronounced zay-OH-la) are simply the best guitar cables you can buy. Period. Zaollas rule all other guitar cables—even the boutique, high-end cables produced by the big-name manufacturers.

How is it possible for one cable to be so much better than every other cable? Well, it's simple physics: Whereas almost every other cable has a core of pulled copper wire, these cables are built with cast silver. Since silver is the most electrically conductive metal in the periodic chart, the result is a guitar cable with the highest possible signal fidelity. Of course, since silver is expensive, it also means that the cable costs quite a bit more than a generic cable. But considering what a lot of players will spend on instruments, pickups, and amplifiers to improve their tone, the extra cost of a Zaolla cable is rather modest.

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