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Audioengine speakers and DACs are a welcome addition to the Shoreline Music lineup. I try to make sure that everything a performing guitarist could want is available here. However, a lot of our time as guitarists is spent learning from a recording, or mixing tracks we've laid down in GarageBand, or simply listening to our libraries of guitar music. When it came time to bring on the one speaker line that would be perfect for how our customers use their music, and would boast killer tone without breaking the bank, Audioengine was really the only choice. Their list of audio industry accolades and awards is a mile long, and they're often referred to as "entry-level audiophile" (that's because they sound so much better than speakers that cost twice as much). You're going to love them.

Audioengine HD3
No reviews
Audioengine A2+
3 reviews

Audioengine A5+
1 review
from $399.00
Audioengine AS8
No reviews
Audioengine B2
$179.00 $225.00

Audioengine D1
No reviews
$129.00 $169.00
Audioengine D3
No reviews
$79.00 $99.00
Audioengine N22
No reviews

Audioengine P4
1 review
from $249.00
Audioengine B1
1 review
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