Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin

The Red-Eye Twin does the basic Fire-Eye Red-Eye preamp one better:  It adds a second channel. This means that if you have both a mandolin and a guitar onstage that you want plugged into the great features of a Fire-Eye, you can just use this single box, and save yourself a bit of money.

Now, while the Twin works great as an easy onstage instrument switcher, one hidden feature of this preamp is that it can also be used as a blending preamp. With the DTAR Solstice on indefinite hold as Seymour Duncan redesigns it, this may be your best bet for a dual source / blending preamp and DI.

Customer Reviews

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Dual Source Solution

I recently upgraded the pickup system in my acoustic guitar to add a Seymour Duncan Mag Mic to my K&K Pure Mini. I needed a good dual-source preamp solution. Having previous experience with the Fire-Eye Red-Eye (single), I had a good idea what to expect from the Red-Eye Twin. Basically, the Red-Eye Twin is a preamp/DI box with very high quality, clean sound. It has two inputs that function very much like an A/B-Y switch box with one summed output. Add to that an adjustable Boost switch, separate gain and treble adjustments per channel and one effects loop send and one return all in a relatively small package and you have a really well designed, high-quality, road/tour-worthy preamp/DI.

What it isn't is this: it is not a tone tweaking device or one that is designed for troubleshooting problematic frequency issues. Meaning, it does not include sophisticated equalization tools. I know that there are some players who require more EQ adjustments at their feet (pedalboard). One option for that is that you can add an equalizer pedal in the effects loop of the Red-Eye if you need it.

To me, the best feature of the Red-Eye Twin, which is also true of the single input Red-Eye, is the input impedance flexibility. I am not an electronics expert, so I can't explain how this works. I just know from experience with other preamps that something about the Red-Eye approach to the input source really helps with the sound quality. I simply don't get overloading/clipping of the preamp with the Red-Eye. On top of that, what I do get is a really open, natural acoustic tone. Now, I realize part of that is dependant on the quality of the pickup system in the instrument, but if you have that covered, the Red-Eye will help it shine.

Overall, I find that the Red-Eye Twin is a really great preamp/DI. If you want to keep things simple and at the same time have a high-quality, clean tone from your instrument, with minimal tone shaping, the Red-Eye Twin might be a good choice for you.

Just what I needed!

Pure sound, ease of use and phantom power! No unnecessary features and built like a tank. Go for it... and Shoreline is a fabulous vendor.

Grenat bur

Very efficient wit one instrument or to Switch beetween two instruments but a noticeable loss of level and quality sound when using the A+B mode. I'm overall satisfied. Great service from Shoreline.

Red Eye Twin

I love love love my Red-Eye Twin! Serious tone!!!Thank you Shoreline!

Benefits of closeouts - Red-Eye Twin

I found this on the closeout page of Shoreline and had been somewhat looking for a new pre-amp for my guitars. I play several different guitars with a wide variety of pick-ups from K&K Mini to Taylor's expression to a Sunrise soundhole to Baggs M-1 active and M-80 and I wanted a pre-amp that would work and sound well for all. I have been using the Baggs Para DI and was very happy with it, but after reading some of the reviews for the Red-Eye, I decided to take the plunge especially since it was on sale. I am so glad that I did. The difference is subtle but significant at the same time. My listeners will probably not notice much change unless I was to A/B them side by side. But I noticed a difference immediately, the sound was more open and airy, much like my guitar when I don't plug in and play in the glass stairwell in my workplace. (I take time to play during lunch as a stress reducer.) I don't have the EQ capability with the Red-Eye but I don't miss it as I have excellent EQ capabilities on my mixing console. The benefit of having two sources allows me to switch between guitars with alternate tuning's and also to switch out guitars when playing a gig as I can mute one and have my son exchange guitars when he re-tunes one that I will be using later. I have never had a boost switch before and that is another blessing as now I don't have to attack certain passages when I want to be louder. I can play consistently and increase the volume with a mere foot tap. I have already recommended this to several friends. As always John and the Shoreline staff are first class in their help and quick shipping.
BTW, I recommend you visit the closeout page from time to time as there are frequently some great deals at respectable prices and John ALWAYS stands behind his products. I have found many toys to supplement my instrument gallery from this venue. I find I can try things at a more reasonable cost that I might not have tried if I paid full price.

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