It was my passion for great guitars that first got me in the music business, and it is what continues to drive much of what we do. Shoreline has always carried a somewhat different selection of instruments, many of which are rarely available elsewhere. We have a full range of acoustic guitars, from factory to handmade, as well as a robust selection of hybrid/stage guitars and even a few electrics. Whether you're a seasoned stage professional or a total beginner, you're bound to find a drool-worthy instrument here.

Larrivee OM-40 Sold Out
Larrivee OM-03 Sold Out $1,349.00

Larrivee OM-40R Sold Out

McIlroy A15 Sold Out
Larrivee OM-09 Sold Out

Taylor 114 Sold Out

McIlroy AS25c Sold Out

Northwood R80-MJ Sold Out
Larrivee OM-05 Sold Out

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